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How to Get a Job in Construction


Construction Industry

The construction industry is on a growth trajectory worldwide in the wake of development activities, despite the temporary setbacks, since it is closely related to all walks of life. It entails constructing buildings, houses, complexes, engineering projects, roads, bridges, including renovation and maintenance activities. It could be residential or commercial, improving the nation’s core infrastructure or building for industrial or public use.

All this means that there are a plethora of opportunities for the students to carve out their careers. The opportunities for skilled and experienced workers are better. They earn relatively higher than their counterparts in other industries. it also supports a good number of self-employed workers.

How Do I Get A Good Job In Construction?

Typically, construction jobs have been stereotyped for a long time to aspects like manual labor, dirt, jeans, etc. This mentality is changing fast, and we can see serious blue-collar jobs in this industry, which are well paid and respected. So, you need not be physically strong and rugged to enter into this industry. Young professionals nowadays are looking forward to a lucrative job in this industry.

But how do we secure a career in this growing industry? There is a job waiting to be filled in for each of us, and we need to take the right steps from early on.

preparing the image you present to employers

Whatever it is, to break into this sector, you need to start exploring.

We are giving you a few tips on carving a career in the construction industry.

Introspection – Some things worth considering

Is working in the construction industry really what you are looking for? What you want to work in the background or as a front-line manager? Find out what working style is the most interesting to you. Identify your passion. Do you get inspired by complex problems? Or would you prefer to work at the site and get your hands dirty?

All this introspection is going to help you a lot in determining what matters to you. When you have made up your mind, explore that area, and dig deeper.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


What Is My Path Of Growth?

It can be daunting at first

You need to understand the career path that you intend to follow. Some are longer than the others. if you intend to be a part of the management, you could be managing the whole organisation or a part of it. If you choose a narrow career path, there may be a limited chance of growth. But the basic idea is to have a career of your choice. once you have chosen what you like and the path you want to take, 50% of your work is already done. The employer needs such committed people with a clear understanding of their career goals and their career path.

No Study Or Degree Or Certificates

Don’t worry if you have not completed a specific course in construction management or the like. Rework on your resume. it is the first most natural step. You need to update so that your resume is in order. try to highlight relevant experience (if any). Even if you have not got any work experience, find out if you ever volunteered for activities beyond the core work or educational activities. Start looking for jobs more smartly. filter out the jobs which are advertised with little or no experience. You may try short term or seasonal jobs. not all jobs are advertised online. you may use your networking skills. try to apply for training or apprenticeship. it could be a very useful method of learning the tools of the trade and choose the domain as per your liking.

Get Certified

White card’s are easy to get online and are a basic requirement for most work sites.

There is always a limit to what you can find without proper certification. Several jobs require prior certification. you may refer to types of jobs available and required certifications and average salaries at the end of the post.

For example, to become a construction contractor, although high school with relevant experience could be enough to get started, getting graduation in construction management or a similar field is better. The employer may also seek a state license.

Recruitment Agencies

Once you have all the required certifications, then a recruitment agency can help you find a placement. It has become easier to get noticed in this digital age if you possess all the market needs. Once you are skilled and qualified, construction recruitment agency can help you find a placement with new skills and expertise.

Keep On Updating Your Skills

Keep on learning the latest things in your industry. The knowledge may become obsolete with time. many aspects of the industry are changing at a faster pace. New tools and skills are taking the place of traditional ones. the technology usually keeps on changing, and you need to keep yourself updated. People who keep themselves updated rise up the ladder fast. it would help if you also reskilled yourself.

For example, UPVC pipes are fast replacing GI pipes. with a change in technology, you get higher benefits at lower costs, and you need to keep yourself aware of the latest trends. What used to work many years ago is no longer considered a better choice. Things are changing fast, and you need to be on your toes all the time.

Prepare Yourself For The Higher Role

Always keep looking upwards and aim higher in learning new skills for a higher place on the career ladder. You do not intend to be at a middle management level all your life. That demands additional skills. try to find out what skills or exams or certifications are required to reach up to the next level. It could be a license, a certification, a refresher course, or simply the soft skills like leadership and communication.


Let the world know how skilful you are. If you keep your colleagues, bosses, and friends in the loop, there are higher chances for you to move up the ladder. Networking skills are considered as a booster dose for your career. you need to highlight and market yourself by letting other people know that you are available out there.

Construction Job And Salaries:

According to figures helpfully provided by Australian jobseeker site, the construction industry is full of lucrative roles. See below for a list of the types of jobs available in the construction industry with the required certifications, and the expected average salary.

  • 1. Builder: they coordinate the construction work in a project. they may require a certificate course in building and construction along with a builder’s license. $45000-55000.
  • 2. Building estimator: they prepare a cost estimate for building projects for procuring labor, material, and equipment. they may require a certificate in building construction estimation or a diploma in building and construction. – $75000-85000.
  • 3. Building inspector: their job is to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. they may inspect before, after, or during the construction work. It would be best to have a building and construction diploma or an advanced diploma in building surveying—$ 95,000.
  • 4. Building supervisor: a building supervisor needs to manage and control a project site with staff and subcontractors. they are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in civil, along with experience in project management. $103,000
  • 5. Building surveyor: they are responsible for the safety of the buildings as per regulations. you may consider becoming a bachelor in building surveying. $110,000
  • 6. Civil construction worker: they prepare construction and infra sites so that the work goes on smoothly. they can work without qualifications and need physical fitness. They may also have a certificate course in civil construction—$ 63,000.
  • 7. Civil estimator: they prepare budgets and estimates for the projects. a background in civil engineering is preferred here—$ 130,000.
  • 8. Civil project manager: they oversee large projects and are responsible for timely and cost-effective completion. -$140,000.
  • 9. Client-side project manager: they are a link between the project and the client. their prime job is to protect the interest of the client. A bachelor in project management or an undergraduate qualification is desirable. – $130,000.
  • 10. Construction manager: the advise the concerned persons about the day to day operation at the site. they need to have a thorough understanding of the industry. They usually need to have an advanced diploma in building and construction management- $205,000.
  • 11. Foreperson: a foreperson or a foreman oversees other workers. He is a part of the team responsible for the timely completion of the project. They are expected to have trade qualifications and have excellent technical knowledge and leadership skills—$ 120,000.
  • 12. Plant Operator: they operate heavy machinery and equipment at the industrial sites. it involves activities like excavation, transportation, digging trenches, and crushing rocks. They need to hold specific licenses and a certificate course in plant operations. $55,000.
  • 13. Quantity Surveyor: they work in association with architects and engineers for planning and estimation. They generally need to graduates—$ 110,000.
  • 14. Site manager: they are experts in project management and look after several sites. they are usually entry-level employees and help other managers in the execution of the projects. Having a specialised qualification is an advantage for them.—$ 130,000.
  • 15. Surveyor: they take care of land surveys and boundaries. They need to have a degree in surveying and spatial science—$ 103,000.

Staff Reward

  • Staff Reward and Benefits

Cash is always a king when it comes to rewarding an employee. Financial benefits are short-term motivators, employees now a day’s require something more than financial benefits and perks. Employees who are loyal and working hard for the growth of an organization requires special attention and recognition from management in terms of rewards.

A successful reward program of an organization is essential to motivate, encourage and satisfy an employee. In most of the cases employee rewards are not costly, small rewards are equally effective.

There are different ways through which organization tries to reward their employees, which include the following:

Flexibility in hours –Allow your employees the freedom to work when they want to work. Female workers are more eager to get a reward like this because they have to manage their professional and social responsibilities. Flexibility in working hours can worth more than the financial benefits.

Boss Office- As a reward, you can swap your desk with your employee for a day. This will encourage the employees to work more wholeheartedly

Wall of Frame- Organizations nowadays recognize the efforts of their employees by giving them the wall of the frame. Be sure to write employee name below their picture and what they did on the frame.

Thank you note- Sometimes recognizing the efforts of an employee is an ultimate reward than any other reward. A thank you reward may be remembered by your employee for many years and may pin above your employee desk for many years.

Setup an office- Provide your employee an amazing office inside the office building, which is better than other desks, and offices.

Rented wheels- A rented or office vehicle can be offered to an employee as recognition of their efforts for the organization.

Name the room- Name any conference room, meeting room, lounge in your office on the name of the employee. An employee feels more valuable, confident and motivated with such kind of a reward and looking to do better for the organization.

Concert shout out- Give your best employees concert ticket to see their favorite bands in the concert. Through this reward employees can get a little of relaxation and fun and they can get away from the hectic routine of the office.

Email- You can email all the employees about the performance of any specific employee and explain the whole organization that how much you are impressed with the efforts of an employee.

Family Thanks you- A family thanks you card is one of the most effective ways to acknowledge the services of an employee. Address the employee and explain the effective services of your employee to his family.

Double Time- For best performers and efficient employees use double time reward, double the time of their breaks, which includes double lunch time, double coffee time and any other break.

The Oscars- Initiate an annual award ceremony in which you present an award to the best performer. This can be done in the summer to offset the annual winter holiday parties.


6 ways to Recognize Your Employees

Rewarding your team for good work will not only increase your motivation, but also your loyalty to the company.

It’s no secret that recognizing employees – whether by patting their backs or giving them a employee benefits – is good practice. However, many executives struggle with this skill or do not give it enough importance. Commonly, leaders focus more on telling people when they do something wrong, rather than showing they recognize their work. That’s why we share five simple ways you can reward your employees and improve your work climate:

1. Stop And Talk to Your Employees

Ask them to accompany you to your office, or take a few minutes each day to talk to some of them and thank them for their good work. It may sound simple, but such unexpected recognitions can motivate many people.

2. Point Out the Valuable Facts And Achievements

It encourages managers and employees to point out to team members and colleagues who are working hard on a project or going beyond their job descriptions. Then write them a thank-you note or tell them in person. Be specific. Reward the type of behaviour you want your staff to adopt by saying, for example, “I’m very impressed by the way you organized your calendar and managed to finish everything before one hour. I really appreciate that kind of efficiency. ”

3. Reward Good Ideas

Employees looking for ways to save money or improve operations in the company are valuable assets and should be recognized. If someone in your organization makes an improvement, send an email to the entire company, in addition to demonstrating face-to-face appreciation, will help other employees know that innovation is valued.

4. Do Not Forget to Reward Productive Failures

Sometimes the best fought battles do not turn out as expected, but they also deserve recognition. If the members of a team did their best in a project and did not succeed or lost to a competitor, it is important to point out their effort. “They will probably feel defeated. It’s your job, as the owner of the company, to tell them that their work is appreciated and help them get back into the game.

5. Recognize Seniority

When an employee turns five or 10 in your company, do something special. Keeping good employees is critical for any business that wants success. Thank the employee and give him a small gift or incentive to show that you appreciate his loyalty.

6. Offer Basic Employee Benefits

Today in most of companies every employee expect full employee benefits and many among them believe that they should receive benefits equivalent to a federal employee benefit program. Even employees that work for minimum wage commonly expect to receive employee benefits similar to the Wall Mart employee benefit program.

Whether you like it or not, employee benefits have become a must have for most employers. Not only does offering employee benefits help you to keep up with the competition, but it can also be a good way to attract and retain quality employees as well as promote teamwork and morale in your organization.

Three Reasons Why Employee Recognition is Important


When an employee puts their blood, sweat and tears into completing a task at work, it required not only taking the lead, completing it on a tight deadline, and doing late hours, but it also called for going beyond the typical job responsibilities to get the project done. This work warrants a reward in terms of a promotion, a bonus or a raise. However, when none of it is delivered to an employee, this experience is back-pocketed and an employee moves forward. But will an employee be inclined again to invest that much of effort and time into the next task? Most likely not.

When hard work goes unrecognized, no one would be inclined to repeat the positive behaviors inculcated in achieving a project goal, again. These experiences highly discourage the workforce and are damaging to employee engagement. The consequences are equally detrimental for the management. Their reputation is affected and they are not perceived as a team player. This will not only affect their potential to retain top performers but also infect their ability to recruit top talent. To explore more about professional jobs in Australia, please pay a visit!

Recognition at Workplace

Recognition of an employee’s hard work secures top performers in the company and their will to go an extra mile to achieve a task. Employees are motivated by recognition, particularly when it’s communicated through acknowledgment of their endeavors since it affirms that their work is esteemed. Workplaces should incorporate recognition as a habit with a goal to continue fostering their business. Recognition is a basic element of employee engagement and the fundamental aspect of the employee-manager relationship. A basic thank you goes far and won’t just make your workers feel better, but will also benefit your business.

Several reasons can account for the importance of employee recognition. However, three reasons stated below are a backbone and the ultimate goal of any competitive business to get going.  For more about employment law Australia, please pay a visit!

  1. Reduced Turnover

Recognition is straight-off coordinated with reduced turnover rates, helping your business to remain on the track of success. Recognized workers are engaged, and engaged employees liken to higher retention rates. Turnover is a huge issue when you consider the number of lost dollars in employee program and the great many lost dollars in business opportunity.

  1. Enhanced Team Culture

Companies now believe in team work for which there must be a positive environment that fosters team culture. A culture of recognition engenders employee engagement making employees want to work and continue to make a lasting impression on their co-workers.

  1. Increased Performance

A workplace infused with recognition drives increased performance by its motivated and highly-spirited employees. Outstanding results are produced by the invested workers having a high sense of mission. Employees when recognized become aware of how their work adds value to an organization’s goals and objectives.

How Should You Reward Your Employees?

Your employee reward program should include these following key areas just as a basic:

  • Instant recognition – celebrate small wins to reward employees immediately
  • Rewards – visible goals so that everyone desires to win
  • Peer to peer recognition – let employees celebrate the work of their coworkers
  • Long-service awards – celebration of milestones to give a shout out to long loyal staff

It’s essential to custom your plan per your company, so it mirrors your culture and brand. Keep running in the correct route, an employee recognition plan will hugely influence your business.

Careerbuilder Challenge Australia

Bozzelli didn’t have any concerns playing the La Quinta course on Friday. He had a bogey-free day that consisted of 5 birdies, just falling out of the lead since Swafford carried out so well.

He was pushed into 3 days bed rest last month after capturing an infection who had actually been ill prior to Christmas. The American confessed at the season-opening Competition of Champions that his chaotic 2016 schedule had actually left him drained pipes and “stressed out”, which had actually resulted in him falling ill.


On his very first 2 days he stated, “I didn’t check out the greens effectively specifically on PGA West. Ideally, tomorrow will be a various story.”

There’s a lot of competitors nipping at Swafford’s heels, so he will have to maintain the speed he’s developed for himself through 36 holes to declare his very first success on the PGA Trip.

Lahiri remembered, “I actually take pleasure in playing the La Quinta course. I shot a similar opening round in 2015.”

Lahiri stated, “It felt excellent to obtain some momentum today specifically the last 10 holes. Have actually been playing well however dropping a lot of shots. Ideally, can keep a tidy card tomorrow and shoot a low rating once again.”

In spite of feeling just “80 percent” he handled to end up T6 in Hawaii and was back in action with a T12 at the CareerBuilder Obstacle in California last weekend, that included a closing round 65.

Careerbuilder Leaderboard Australia

Notify your superiors you have career objectives. The typical college student’s only objective is to get the part of paper needed to continue to keep others satisfied. Unfortunately, you’re also seen as professionally immature and a large challenge at work. There’s a remedy to such challenges that should you implement today it’s possible to pull yourself out of this downturn on top. It’s going be a last-minute choice. Hopefully you could realize superior results with the assistance of my picks too.

careerbuilder challenge

Employers are guaranteed to take notice since they will observe how adaptable you’re. They will use other reasons not to give you a job. They tend to find these very useful and usually end up calling you.

My favourite picks for the week are found on these slides. It ought to be an extremely entertaining final round since the program is extremely tough and hopefully we’ll find some drama on Sunday. All CareerBuilder Challenge tournament and spectator information are available on our site by going to this website. This week the winner should go low.

Probably you’re seeing a couple of things in your company due to this financial downturn. In other words, networking is merely talking to those around you. It is a key component for anyone looking for a new position. If you’re effective at networking, your organization card collection increases in number promptly. Career networking isn’t as scary as it sounds, actually it’s quite user friendly. You may use this network to have the word out that you’re trying to find a new career adventure.

Your career might not be everything, but it may be something. The one thing that you are going to want to be worried about in regards to picking a career is it is something which you are able to reach. In regards to planning your career you should consider support, money, and energy.

You can construct your working experience along your career path while an MBA program gives you the advanced understanding of small business administration and shaped your organization mind so you are prepared to face your challenge whenever you’re promoted to a management position. You can’t where a work opportunity may spring up. You will discover that job opportunities nowadays are limitless but you have to take up a certain job which will suit you and will force you to get happy.

If you happen to do land a job as a result of a lead, be certain to thank the individual who referred you. If you prefer to locate a great job, you have to connect `live’ with those who can rate your potential and direct you towards the most suitable opportunities. You aren’t asking for employment, but instead gathering data about how to land work like theirs. Most men and women search for jobs they have previous experience with.

As a way to fully maximize your probability of obtaining a work when possible, you should continue being consistent. Job Search networking will make certain you aren’t met with this kind of a voluminous quantity of competition. So should you are interested in getting the job of your choice you must buck up and ensure you excel in your area.