• Staff Reward and Benefits

Cash is always a king when it comes to rewarding an employee. Financial benefits are short-term motivators, employees now a day’s require something more than financial benefits and perks. Employees who are loyal and working hard for the growth of an organization requires special attention and recognition from management in terms of rewards.

A successful reward program of an organization is essential to motivate, encourage and satisfy an employee. In most of the cases employee rewards are not costly, small rewards are equally effective.

There are different ways through which organization tries to reward their employees, which include the following:

Flexibility in hours –Allow your employees the freedom to work when they want to work. Female workers are more eager to get a reward like this because they have to manage their professional and social responsibilities. Flexibility in working hours can worth more than the financial benefits.

Boss Office- As a reward, you can swap your desk with your employee for a day. This will encourage the employees to work more wholeheartedly

Wall of Frame- Organizations nowadays recognize the efforts of their employees by giving them the wall of the frame. Be sure to write employee name below their picture and what they did on the frame.

Thank you note- Sometimes recognizing the efforts of an employee is an ultimate reward than any other reward. A thank you reward may be remembered by your employee for many years and may pin above your employee desk for many years.

Setup an office- Provide your employee an amazing office inside the office building, which is better than other desks, and offices.

Rented wheels- A rented or office vehicle can be offered to an employee as recognition of their efforts for the organization.

Name the room- Name any conference room, meeting room, lounge in your office on the name of the employee. An employee feels more valuable, confident and motivated with such kind of a reward and looking to do better for the organization.

Concert shout out- Give your best employees concert ticket to see their favorite bands in the concert. Through this reward employees can get a little of relaxation and fun and they can get away from the hectic routine of the office.

Email- You can email all the employees about the performance of any specific employee and explain the whole organization that how much you are impressed with the efforts of an employee.

Family Thanks you- A family thanks you card is one of the most effective ways to acknowledge the services of an employee. Address the employee and explain the effective services of your employee to his family.

Double Time- For best performers and efficient employees use double time reward, double the time of their breaks, which includes double lunch time, double coffee time and any other break.

The Oscars- Initiate an annual award ceremony in which you present an award to the best performer. This can be done in the summer to offset the annual winter holiday parties.