Rewarding your team for good work will not only increase your motivation, but also your loyalty to the company.

It’s no secret that recognizing employees – whether by patting their backs or giving them a employee benefits – is good practice. However, many executives struggle with this skill or do not give it enough importance. Commonly, leaders focus more on telling people when they do something wrong, rather than showing they recognize their work. That’s why we share five simple ways you can reward your employees and improve your work climate:

1. Stop And Talk to Your Employees

Ask them to accompany you to your office, or take a few minutes each day to talk to some of them and thank them for their good work. It may sound simple, but such unexpected recognitions can motivate many people.

2. Point Out the Valuable Facts And Achievements

It encourages managers and employees to point out to team members and colleagues who are working hard on a project or going beyond their job descriptions. Then write them a thank-you note or tell them in person. Be specific. Reward the type of behaviour you want your staff to adopt by saying, for example, “I’m very impressed by the way you organized your calendar and managed to finish everything before one hour. I really appreciate that kind of efficiency. ”

3. Reward Good Ideas

Employees looking for ways to save money or improve operations in the company are valuable assets and should be recognized. If someone in your organization makes an improvement, send an email to the entire company, in addition to demonstrating face-to-face appreciation, will help other employees know that innovation is valued.

4. Do Not Forget to Reward Productive Failures

Sometimes the best fought battles do not turn out as expected, but they also deserve recognition. If the members of a team did their best in a project and did not succeed or lost to a competitor, it is important to point out their effort. “They will probably feel defeated. It’s your job, as the owner of the company, to tell them that their work is appreciated and help them get back into the game.

5. Recognize Seniority

When an employee turns five or 10 in your company, do something special. Keeping good employees is critical for any business that wants success. Thank the employee and give him a small gift or incentive to show that you appreciate his loyalty.

6. Offer Basic Employee Benefits

Today in most of companies every employee expect full employee benefits and many among them believe that they should receive benefits equivalent to a federal employee benefit program. Even employees that work for minimum wage commonly expect to receive employee benefits similar to the Wall Mart employee benefit program.

Whether you like it or not, employee benefits have become a must have for most employers. Not only does offering employee benefits help you to keep up with the competition, but it can also be a good way to attract and retain quality employees as well as promote teamwork and morale in your organization.